Two TRAIL RUNS, Two EPIC Locations
Jubilee and Redwood Parks in Toowoomba.

Welcome to Rotary Run The Range – Celebrating our 5th Year!

The Toowoomba Metropolitan Rotary Club  is committed to looking after each and every runner, our volunteers, sponsors and supporters.

We LOVE to RUN!  We also LOVE to Serve.

We look forward to welcoming you on SUNDAY 22.05.2022!

Discover our Epic TRAILS

Rotary Run The Range in on Sunday 22 May 2022 in both Redwood and Jubilee Parks in Toowoomba.

The #dontwearwhitesocks COURSE UPDATE
We know the weather has been a bit “rough” .The Rotary Run The Range team were on the course over last weekend and Tuesday May 17 in Jubilee Park. We should have a further update on Redwood Park Wednesday May 18.
What’s IMPORTANT? RUN | JOG or WALK to the CONDITIONS as you see them!
Water | Mud | #dontwearwhitesocks
Rotary Run the Range is held on the Toowoomba Escarpment in two seperate parks. It’s outdoors, it’s natural, it has some un-even and rougher trails in parts.
With all the rain we’ve had, it is safe to say there are a couple of spots where water and maybe some mud will still be in play Sunday. If you are a regular to Jubilee Park and doing THE15K, you will know the spots well. The Depression Camp has its normal “lake” feature. It always appears after rain, this Sunday will be no different. The good news is, you can easily walk around it to the LEFT. Easily sorted!
Elsewhere on course, you may have water gently flowing over some creek crossings, these are general cemented areas. Also some areas of the fire roads have areas where water has cut out the soil – so step through, easy.

LOST your REGISTRATION Email, easy, click the button

The Rotary Run The Range start line and finish line will be located at 2 Campbell Street – Toowoomba Anglican School’s Bogunda Oval.

THE 7K and THE 15K courses offer an amazing scenic route through the Toowoomba range.  There will be checkpoints offering an opportunity to stop for water and snacks, as well as volunteer support to keep you motivated.  First Aid members will be stationed at various checkpoints.

  • Well-fitting walking shoes or trainers | Ensure you have GRIP as the course will be wet/damp
  • Lightweight waterproof jacket
  • Sports top or T-shirt
  • Shorts or hiking pants
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat
  • Snacks, fruit and nut bars, bananas, etc

Other Stuff

  • Towelette or small quick dry towel
  • Minimum of two (2) mobile phones per team (preferably on two different networks with one on the Telstra Network with the same phone numbers given to the Event Organisers as registration details.  Rotary Officials may send out SMS alert messages or call in case of an emergency to these phone numbers.
  • Your Rotary Run The Range  Number BIB should be worn on the front of your body.
  • Each Rotary Ride The Range member must have the ability to carry a least 1 litre of water in bottles or a hydration bladder.
  •  Water will be available at all checkpoints, however, cups will not be provided due to Covid-19 protocols.

Your 15K Epic Trail adventure quickly steps into the lush forest of Jubilee Park. Soon you’ll take on your first gnarly Climb to the Top of the Toowoomba Escarpment. Once you hit the top, you’ll head back down taking in the epic views across Toowoomba and Lockyer Valley.

Clear Jubilee Park and your next Adventure Trail Location awaits – Redwood Park.  You’ll push down and up Redwood and then get ready for the pinch at the top to close out your 15K Run The Range Adventure.

The Rotary Run The Range 15K is ready fo you to RUN, JOG or WALK, knowing our team of VOLUNTEERS is there to support you all the way!

You’ll also nominate the cause your Rotary Run The Range Entry Fee will support in 2022.

The Rotary Run The Range 7K will see you take on the REDWOOD PARK trail network, with stunning views to Toowoomba’s Picnic Point and the Lockyer Valley.

You’ll ease around our easy to navigate and guided 7K course.

The Rotary Run The Range 7K is ready fo you to RUN, JOG or WALK, knowing our team of VOLUNTEERS is there to support you all the way!

You’ll also nominate the cause your Rotary Run The Range Entry Fee will support in 2022.

We RUN with HEART!

With each and every Registration you CHOOSE who YOU want to support – SIMPLE!

We have one simple goal!


In 2022 you can NOMINATE a Not-For-Profit Charity, Organisation or School to support.

Register for Rotary RUN The Range for yourself, your team, your workmates, your school or your family and then nominate a Not-For-Profit Charity, Organisation or School you wish to team up with and support in 2022.

Each and every member of your team’s registration fee will be supporting a community cause that matters to you the most!

Now that’s what we call SUPPORTING the COMMUNITY!

Toowoomba is MADE to RUN!