Minimum Age:

Minimum age requirements for Events are as follows:

  • For all events – Participants under 14yrs of age must have an adult (18 or over) signed a Waiver Form by a parent or guardian.
  • For all 7km and 15km events the minimum age is 10 in year of event (with appropriate physical training).

Transfer my registration if unable to participate in the event:

Please refer to ‘Refunds | Cancellations | Transfers ‘ on this website for regarding any transferring of registrations to another person.

Individual Registration:

All participants must check in during their allocated check-in period. Check-in and pre-registration times will be advised prior to each event. The MBMC will commence at 7:00 AM.

During the event:

All participants must check in and check out at each CP.  If a participant becomes seriously injured and cannot be moved, one person must stay with him/her while others seek help.

Any participant that has not departed a CP by the nominated CP closing time, the participant will be withdrawn from the event and will be advised not to proceed. The closing times are calculated on the basis that there would be insufficient time to complete the event within the specified 9 hours.

Race bibs as supplied by the organisers must be worn at all times during the event on the shirt front.

Leave no trace of your travel along the event course. Please respect the environment and leave all flora and fauna as you found it and carry out all your rubbish. Please respect other members of the public you may encounter on the course as the event does not have exclusive use of any area.

All participants must obey the road rules at all times and follow all directions given by road crossing personnel and event officials.

Withdrawing during the event:

If a participant wishes to withdraw during the event, the participant must first report to the nearest CP and sign out.  If for any reason a participant has to leave the event urgently, the participant must call the emergency number as soon as possible. Failure to do so can trigger an Emergency Services search and waste valuable resources, which may be required elsewhere.

If in the opinion of medical personnel, a participant is unable to continue for medical reasons, then the organisers reserve the right to withdraw that participant from the event.

For additional information please refer to ‘Refunds | Cancellations | Transfers’ and ‘FAQ’s’ on this website.


Depending on your assessment of the situation, in the event of an injury or emergency, the following procedures are recommended:

  1. Depending on the situation make your way to the nearest checkpoint, which will have first aid and communication available.
  2. Ring the emergency number on the back of your bib. Be able to identify where you are so that the support crew are able to get to you quickly.
  3. Please give way to participants walking at a faster pace. The trail can get quite congested, particularly in the early stages of the event.
  4. Prescription medication and painkillers will be your own responsibility. These cannot be issued by First Aid.
  5. If you become LOST: stop and attempt to establish your position from the last known location. Track marking tapes are located approximately 100 m apart. Once you are sure you’ve found the correct path, continue on. Do not make the situation worse by continuing to travel if you are still unsure of your position. If required, call the emergency phone number and speak with race officials.
  6. Bush Fire. Phone the event emergency number if you are between checkpoints and believe you are in danger, in order to advise or gather information. Follow event officials’ instructions and remain at a CP if advised to do so by officials. If trapped, call emergency services on 000 or 112 from a mobile. Find a safe position in the water, away from trees (in clear ground), in low ground or dig a trench.